Since 2012 We at DashCamSA have offered a variety of the most up-to-date cameras, satisfactory prices, and superior customer service. With South Africa rating as one of the top countries with the highest road accidents per year it is safe to say that everyone is definitely in need of a DashCam.

Perhaps drivers will learn to “Think Twice and Drive Nice” especially if Dashcams are recording their every wrong move.

The Cameras are of high quality and easy to install. Our products are perfect for all drivers. The cost for our products are so small compared to paying thousands for an accident that wasn’t your fault.

DashcamSA can only recommend the purchasing of genuine Dashcams from DashcamSA. There are companies that claim to be selling nearly identical products; that may not be of the same high video quality or life-span.

Our goal at Dashcamsa is to give you, the customer an enjoyable shopping experience. We offer safe payment options and fast shipping.


When your own two eyes aren’t enough to protect yourself, always have a witness.

Don’t go another day without your DashCaM.


       Basic Tips to ask yourself when buying a dashcam:

Unfortunately many fake branded dashboard cameras are flooding our markets and are not truthful about the products capabilities

    • Have you researched online first before impulse buying at a retail outlet for convenience
    • How long do you want your dashcam to last?  Note to self: Quality chipsets cost money.
    • Are you being charged more for the pretty box in the store than what’s inside the camera?
    • Remember it’s not what the dashcam looks like on the outside; It’s the quality of chipsets on the inside.
    • The quality on the pretty box says 1080P HD. Can you view the footage online? Meaning; has the seller taken the time to upload a video of what the end quality of your dashcam video will look like? If yes. Good Start. If Not; back to tip no.1
    • Dashcams don’t have to have name brands; after sale service from a reputable company is more important
    • Most importantly Be aware of lookalikes.



Tips to look after your dashcam

  1. Park in the garage or under shade when the vehicle is off.


Think Twice >> Drive Nice
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