DashcamSA Advantages

There are several advantages to having a dashcam, first and foremost having a recorded account of anything you witness while driving.

Dashcam video footage can provide sweet satisfaction in his-word-against-mine cases.

The dash camera will keep on recording as long as there is power to the unit from the cigarette lighter socket, so there’s no need to try and capture evidence on a mobile phone….keep concentrating on your driving and your safety.

Benefits of installing a Dashcam

  • Have a full time witness
  • Record journeys and share them to the world
  • Record evidence in the event of an insurance scam or accident
  • Protect your insurance
  • Assisting insurance claims processing
  • Promote good driver behaviour
  • Make our roads safer
  • Can be fitted or removed in seconds
  • Used by global law enforcement agencies
  • Record when you are pulled over by police or metro
  • Protect yourself from baseless accusations.
  • Assist the police force by providing video identification of possible perpetrators in the case of “smash and grab” incidents or other motor related crimes.
  • Provide evidence and assist other road users where accident footage has been captured
  • Prevent corruption from law enforcement that may target you for bribes and provide video and/or audio evidence of these actions.
  • Provide video, GPS log & speed when contesting speeding tickets (Dependant on model)
  • All models have a G sensor which will Lock the data before, during & after an impact in a separate file so that it cannot be recorded over


Keep a record of your fleet and drivers activity

The level of detail captured by car cameras, particularly dual-lens cameras that record in-car activity at the same time as on-the-road action, mean that they can offer fleet owners the ability to monitor their vehicles and drivers activity easily and effectively.

  • Enforce and create awareness of safer driving habits
  • Counsel and educate drivers on bad driving habits by showing them actual footage and history of their bad driving habits such as speeding and excessive idling
  • Prevent fuel wastage and driving time by analysing driver routes using the GPS logger/Google maps function [Dashcam H39]
  • Monitor and identify drivers who waste fuel and company time by using company vehicles/trucks to do personal business by using the GPS log function [Dashcam H39]
  • Identify drivers who illegally pick up passengers on trips and provide video and/or audio evidence where required.
  • Identify drivers who are distracted inside the vehicle whilst driving such as using a cell phone or engaging in other activities that could cause a distraction from the road
  • Provide actual video evidence of accident where proof is required.
  • Assist the police force in identifying criminals in motor related crimes
  • Prevent corruption from law enforcement that may target your drivers for bribes and provide video and/or audio evidence of these actions.
  • Provides evidence of vehicle behaviour when driven by employees – through the captured video you can determine how the vehicle has been driven, whether that be erratically, at high speed, without due care, or, conversely it could be with care and consideration which would allow you to praise your employee.
  • Aids driver management – when assessed, the recordings can actually help you become a better driver.
  • Aids driver economy – research has provided evidence that cars are driven more safely and efficiently when fitted with DashCams.
  • Easily transferable – a Dashcam car cam recorder can easily be transferred between vehicles


Report dangerous and unsociable drivers

It’s an unfortunate truth that not all drivers value safety as much as we would hope. Drivers speeding, tailgating and using mobile phones, among many other issues, mean that the roads are more dangerous than ever before. One method of combating this worrying behaviour is to report wreckless and dangerous drivers to the authorities & shame them on you tube. In many cases these drivers are prosecuted purely on car camera evidence.

As Dashcams become more and more common and the threat of being caught becomes more and more likely, we can help make our roads safer.

  • Monitor teenagers or young adults driving
  • Prevent unnecessary distractions on the road by being able to monitor babies and small children in the backseat of the vehicle by glancing at the LCD screen instead of turning around and losing focus on the road [certain models]
  • Once people start to become aware that more & more motorists have a DashCam; people should start to think twice & drive better.

 Record and keep treasured memories

Fortunately, car cameras aren’t solely dedicated to capturing accidents, scams and negative behaviour. They also enable us to capture videos of more enjoyable activities such as scenic road trip holidays and exciting track-day races! Whatever treasured memories you want to keep, Dashcams will deliver a high-definition record of events that you can watch time and time again. You never know, you might also be lucky enough to capture more unusual events such as meteors falling to the Earth, as recorded on many car cameras in Russia in 2013!

  • Capture special memories by recording your family road trips
  • Ideal for game drivers and recording game viewing
  • Turn video mode into camera mode so that you can take photographs when needed
  • Use the GPS/Google Maps function to record your holiday route & speed


Whatever you use it for, a DashCam can come in handy at the right moment.